The Quick, Efficient Tool For Sizing and Analyzing Air Ducts and Pressure Loss


DuctSizer from Linric Company is Here!

Linric Company announces release of DuctSizer. DuctSizer is a neat little tool that can quickly find the correct round, rectangluar or oval duct size to fit on your inputs.

Use DuctSizer when you need quick, accurate answers to straight duct size or pressure loss questions. DuctSizer includes these features:
  • English (IP) and/or SI units, with defaults saved.
  • Temperature and Altitude corrected calculations.
  • Duct roughness input and reference information.
  • Calculations for any length of straight duct.
  • Calculations for Round, Rectangular and Oval Ducts.
We built DuctSizer using the same equation set used by expensive, complex duct design programs and packaged these into a simple, easy to use interface. DuctSizer is not for duct system design. It is for quick answers to duct size and pressure loss questons. DuctSizer's calculations should be used for straight lengths of duct only.

DuctSize has two main screens. The Sizing Mode screen that is used to find the size of round, rectangular or oval duct based on flow, length, air temperature, roughness, altitude and allowable pressure loss. The Analysis Mode screen provides area, velocity and pressure loss for a duct given flow, length, air temperature, roughness, altitude and physical size.

DuctSizer is accurate. DuctSizer uses the Darcy equation for pressure loss and the Colebrook equaton for finding the friction factor. These are the same equation used by more expense, complex duct design programs. Linric Company is known for producing accurate engineering tools and DuctSizer is no different.

Try the DuctSizer demo for 30 days to see how quick and easy it is to use. Click here to download the demo.

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