Introducing the all new PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition

The Quick, Efficient Desktop Tool For Finding Psychrometric Properties and Performing Calculations

Since it's initial release in 1995 PsyCalc® has become the industry standard psychrometric calculation tool. Today's PsyCalc® is packed with new features while still preserving the intuitive interface that made it the favorite in many industries worldwide.

Install and run PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition for 30 days without a license. This version will NOT overwrite previous versions.

Download PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition

View the on line help page for more information and screenshots.

Click here to open the PsyCalc® online help. (If you currently have a license this install will NOT affect your license.)

Here is a brief list of features:

Find 11 psychrometric properies by inputting two properties plus altitude or pressure.
Work in English (I-P) or metric (SI) units of measure (or both).
Find ASHRAE Climatic Design Data for over 8,118 locations worldwide.
Easily perform air stream mixing calculations.
Calculate process loads using several different methods.
Make comparisons between outside air loads based on ASHRAE Climatic Design Data.
Compare ventilation loads for multiple locations.
Use a powerful search tool to find data for or near any location.
Bin hourly weather data for over 4,100 locations worldwide.
Use statistical analysis tool to get a summary view of hourly data.
Set your own defaults including value types and output order.
Compatible with all versions of Windows.

IMPORTANT! PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition has two licensing levels...
Full License - provides access to hourly weather data for binning and statistical analysis from nine regions around the world, totalling over 4,100. Each region is a available in a separate install so you can download only what you want/need.

Base License - provides hourly weather data for a small number of sample locations from most regions but not the nine regions provided through the Full License. The sample location data is included in the trial version so that users can try the binning and statistical tools.

An upgrade to the Full License level is available.

We hope you will find the new PsyCalc® to be a useful and time saving tool.

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