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What We Do...
  • Produce Psychrometric Software Tools
  • Custom Technical Software Development
  • Energy & Performance Modeling
  • Desiccant System Engineering
Linric Company is a software developer and engineering services company for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. We produce the finest psychrometric calculation and psychrometric property software tools for HVAC engineers and others. We custom develop time saving software tools for engineers and manufacturers.

Our psychrometric software tools are second to none in ease of use.

Our software's mission is simple:
We want to do the world's psychrometric calculations

Linric Company also specializes in engineering services related to desiccant dehumidification and humidity control. We can provide design assistance, energy analysis work, training programs and aids to manufacturers, engineering companies and institutions.

PsyCalc for the Palm Released September 7, 2001.
PsyCalc 98 now released! Check it out, download a demo, see what others have to say.
PsyFunc 1.2, a collection of psychrometric functions for Excel.
PsychLib version 1.0 is a collection of psychrometric functions packaged in a standard Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
GlyFunc 1.0, Glycol solution functions for Excel.

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