NEW! Download a trial version of PsyCalc® Psychrometric Calculator for Windows.
PsyCalc® 20th Anniversary Edition
Loads of new features:
  • New input & output value types
  • Improved interface with new features
  • New - Reverse Mixing
  • New - Process calculation tools
  • Complete 2013 ASHRAE Climatic Design Data for 6,443 locations
  • ASHRAE Climatic Design Data comparison tools
  • PsyCalc® Binner - weather data binning to a schedule
  • Weather data statistical tools.
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Download our demo version of PsycPro Psychrometric Chart program PsycPro
Fully functional 30 day trial.
PsycPro is a psychrometric chart and analysis tool that is packed with features, yet extremely easy to use.
  • Operates in English (I-P) or metric (SI) units.
  • Create high quality, customized psychrometric charts.
  • Plot your process data with state point labels.
  • Print a report of state points and processes.
  • Add notes and annotations.
  • Define and plot zones on your charts, (e.g. comfort zones)
  • Copy/paste charts to your presentation or word processing software.
  • Add your logo to the charts you create.
  • Save charts you create, then export them so others can use them.
  • Import charts made by others.
  • Import charts from the Linric On-line Chart Library.
  • Bin and plot binned weather data for a true picture of a locations weather.
  • Plot your data right from your own worksheet.

For more information and download link go to the PsycPro page.

NEW! Download a demo version of PsychLib Psychrometric functions Library DLL.
A demo version of our psychrometric dynamic link library for Windows programming is now available for download.
If you are programming HVAC or any type of application that uses psychrometric functions try out this package at no cost. Linric Company's PsychLib Psychrometric Function Dynamic Link Library is being used world-wide by manufacturers, research organizations and software developers. Now you can download a full-featured demonstration version and try before you buy.
For more information go to the PsychLib page!

Download a free Psychrometric Chart in a Word document.
A FREE Psychrometric Chart in Word
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