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HumidiCalc TM
Humidifier selection software for residential HVAC contractors.
Honeywell Home and Building Control, Minneapolis, MN

Desiccant dehumidification system design software for technical sales personnel
Munters Corporation, Cargocaire Division, Amesbury, MA

Regional natural gas consumption estimator for dehumidification of ventilation air.
Gas Research Institute, Chicago, IL

Field study
of desiccant dehumidification use for conditioning ventilation air in large retail buildings.
American Gas Association, Arlington, VA

America's Smithsonian
Design of temporary humidity control systems to protect American treasures on tour.
Munters Corporation, Moisture Control Services Division, Amesbury, MA

PsyCalc for the Palm puts psychrometric calculations in your Palm device.
PsyCalc 98 is the standard for fast, accurate psychrometric calculations on your PC desktop
PsyFunc is a collection of psychrometric functions for Excel.
PsychLib is a collection of psychrometric functions packaged in a standard Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
GlyFunc is a collectionGlycol solution functions for Excel.
PsyCalc Student Edition is a free edition for use at colleges and universities.
WebPsycH is a free online psychrometric calculator.

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