PsyFunc Psychrometric Functions
for Excel

This page gives instructions and a link to download a FULL FEATURED demo version of PsyFunc Psychrometric Function Add-In for Excel! Please note that this is a 32 bit version for Windows versions of Excel 7.0 and higher. If you are interested in PsyFunc we recommend that you download and try it out first. Then use the order form worksheet to place an order by fax or phone. We will process your order, ship the PsyFunc diskette and send the PsyFunc file via e-mail if you supply your e-mail address.

Please contact our order desk if you have further questions

For phone orders call our Order Desk at 603 472-5640.

PsyFunc Download Instructions VERY IMPORTANT!

The file you will down load is a self-extracting file named "psyfuncdemo.exe". This is a Full Featured Trial Version. The file size is only 106 kb so downloading will be quick!.

Follow the instructions below (consider printing this page for reference):

1. Download the File "psyfuncdemo.exe" by clicking below.

2. After downloading, run the file "psyfuncdemo.exe" by double clicking it in Windows Explorer. This will start the PK Ware self extractor program.

3. Select the directory where you want the PsyFunc set up files to be put and click the Extract button. We recommend sending the files to a floppy so you can pass the floppy on to a friend or associate, however any directory will do.

4. Copy the Add-In file "Psychrometric Function Demo.XLA" and "PsyFunc.HLP" to your Excel\Library folder.

5. To start using the PsyFunc functions choose Tools/Add-Ins from the Excel menu. Then locate the "Psychrometric Function Demo" item in the Add-In list box. Check the box beside it. If the Add-In does not appear choose the browse button to locate it. The PsyFunc demo will be loaded each time Excel is started while it remains checked in the Add-In list box.

5. If you find PsyFunc to be useful, go to our products page and click the buy button to the left of the PsyFunc graphic to order.

Click HERE to download PsyFunc trial version now!

PsyFunc Information

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