The Quick, Efficient Tool For Finding Psychrometric Properties and Performing Calculations on Your Windows CE Device.

PsyCalc® for the Windows CE is Here!

Linric Company announces release of PsyCalc® for Windows CE Now you can have the most powerful psychrometric tool available to you on your PocketPC or Handheld PC. PsyCalc® for Windows CE has a new PsyCalc® feature, the process screen. Calculate the total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process right on your CE device!

PsyCalc® for Windows CE uses the interface that has become the standard for psychrometric tools. If you've used PsyCalc® on your PC then you already know how to use PsyCalc® for Windows CE. If your a beginner plan on ten minutes, that's all for coming up to speed. PsyCalc® for Windows CE includes these features:
  • English (IP) and/or SI units, with defaults saved.
  • PsyCalc® (properties), Mixing and Process screens.
  • Selectable altitude/pressure input.
  • Dry bulb range -80 to 400F.
  • Dew Point range -80 to 200F.
  • Pressure range .7psia to 400 psia
  • All outputs conveniently displayed in list box.
  • The ease and accuracy of the most popular psychrometric tool available.
We have taken the PsyCalc® calculation engine and programmed it exactly for the Windows CE. No shortcuts, no variances. Then we built a CE interface that mimics the award-winning PC version of PsyCalc®.
PsyCalc® CE requires Windows CE 3.0 or higher and is available for the following CE device types:
  • PocketPC with StrongARM processor
  • PocketPC with MIPS processor
  • PocketPC with SH3 processor.
  • Handheld PC with StrongARM processor
  • Handheld PC with MIPS processor
  • Install using ActiveSync or by sirect install.

To Order PsyCalc® CE go to the products page.

PsyCalc is a registered trademark of Linric Company

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