Psychrometric Functions JAVA (jar) Library for Software Development.


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With PsyLib JAVA you can:

  • Have access to an accurate set of psychrometric functions from within virtually any software you write.
  • PsyLib JAVA provides the functions for calculating:
    Degrees Wet Bulb
    Percent Relative Humidity
    Degrees Dew Point
    Humidity Ratio
    Vapor Pressure


  • Calculate psychrometric properties over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
  • Perfom calculations using altitude or pressure as an input.
  • Calculate in English (I-P) or metric (SI) units.
  • Distribute the library royalty free with software you produce.

More About PsyLib JAVA

Psychrometrics, the properties of air and water vapor mixtures, plays an important role in many industries. Our psychrometric functions are helping companies all over the world create design and analysis software tools for their engineers and scientists. From evaluating capacity requirement of air conditioning equipment to solving moisture problems in silicon chip manufacturing, PsyLib JAVA is providing an important part of the analysis puzzle.

PsyLib JAVA is a Windows Dynamic Link Library avaiable in 16 and 32 bit versions and with calling conventions to support all major programming languages. PsyLib JAVA returns accurate results over a wide range of temperatures, moisture contents and pressures. Linric Company has done the work to create this tool so that all you have to do is snap it in your software project with minimal effort.

PsyLib JAVA comes with a documentation and demonstration program that provides:

  • Copy/paste of Declaration and Function Call statements
  • Identification of units for each argument
  • A means to test each function with your own inputs

We even supply you the Visual Basic source code for this application so you can see how we have used the PsyLib JAVA functions.

So, whether you are writing your own psychrometric calculator software, creating an air conditioning design / analysis program or logging the absolute humidity in a compressed air supply line, PsyLib JAVA can put you one step closer to completing your project, now.

We do the world's psychrometric calculations

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