The Quick, Efficient Desktop Tool For Finding Psychrometric Properties and Performing Calculations

Linric Company is now offering our psychrometric calculation software "PsyCalc 98" to universities and colleges at no cost. We will prepare a copy specifically licensed for use by current faculty and students of your school. There is no cost for this special license. We provide an installation file for the software that may be distributed to current faculty and students via your school's server provided external access to the download is not allowed. In return for the software we ask that you help us spread the word about our software by providing two or three referrals of people who you think may be interested in using this software. The referrals may be academic or professional. Referals will be contacted using the email message shown below.

Please complete and submit the information below. We will process your request, send an email to your referrals and provide a download link for the software to you within a day or two.
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The following email will be sent to the referrals you listed above:

Subject: Psychrometric Software

Dear (referal name),

Hi. My name is Jim Judge. My company, Linric Company has just donated a copy of our psychrometric calculation software "PsyCalc 98" to (your name) for use at (your schools name). (Your name) has given us your name and email so we may contact you about our software. We will not provide your information to any other organization nor will we continually contact you about our products. I invite you to explore our site and specifically take a look at our PsyCalc 98 software. Academic licenses for this software are free, professional licenses have a very low cost. Our mission at Linric is to do the world's psychrometric calculations. Our web site is at:

Thank you for your time.

Jim Judge, PE
Linric Company

How we will use referal information.
Please be assured that Linric Company will not sell or abuse the referal information that you provide us here. When you click the submit button on this page the email shown above will be sent. We will probably also follow-up with one other email some time in the future. We are very sensitive to the problem of spam email today. At the time of this writing I personally receive about 30 spam emails for every non-spam email. It is very frustrating! We only want help in getting the word out about our software and only to those who may have some interest in the subject. Our mission is simply to do the world's psychrometric calculations.