The Quick, Efficient Desktop Tool For Finding Psychrometric Properties and Performing Calculations

Since it's initial release in 1995 PsyCalc® has become the industry standard psychrometric calculation tool. Today's PsyCalc® is packed with new features while still preserving the intuitive interface that made it the favorite in many industries worldwide.

The new PsyCalc® is your new best old friend!

PsyCalc® is now fully owned by Munters Corporation and you can have Munters PsyCalc® for FREE!

Here at Linric we are moving on to concentrate on other products and challenges. We have sold the PsyCalc® program, trademark etc. to Munters so that it will continue to be a valuable tool for the HVAC and other industries worldwide. We have had a long working relationship with Munters and have 100% confidence in their technical expertise and software development skills to keep PsyCalc® the accurate and reliable tool it has been for nearly 30 years.

Get your FREE copy of Munters PsyCalc® here.

PsyCalc® is a registered trademark of Munters Corporation.

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