What is PsyFunc ?

PsyFunc is a group of psychrometric functions for use within Excel. PsyFunc is packaged as a standard Excel Add-In. PsyFunc contains eight useful psychrometric functions in both English and SI units, (16 functions in all) including :

Density, SI_Density - Returns air density given temperature, humidity ratio and altitude.

Dewpoint, SI_Dewpoint - Returns dewpoint temperature given humidity ratio and altitude.

SatVP, SI_SatVP - Returns Vapor Pressure given dewpoint temperature.

Enthalpy, SI_Enthalpy - Returns enthalpy given temperature and humidity ratio.

RH, SI_RH - Returns the % relative humidity given temperature and humidity ratio.

RH_to_Grains, SI_RH_to_Grams - Returns humidity ratio given temperature and relative humidity.

Saturate, SI_Saturate - Returns the saturation humidity ratio given temperature and altitude.

WB_to_Grains,SI_WB_to_Grams - Returns humidity ratio given drybulb temperature, wetbulb temperature and altitude.

Wetbulb, SI_Wetbulb - Returns Wetbulb temperature given drybulb temperature, humidity ratio and altitude.

PsyFunc was written by Jim Judge, P.E., an engineer active in the HVAC and humidity control industry. PsyFunc makes the use of psychrometric calculations in engineering spreadsheet as easy as any other standard Excel function.

PsyFunc operates as an Add-In to Excel (5.0 or higher) on both the PC and the Mac. PsyFunc comes with installation and use instructions, help file and a sample worksheet to showing examples of each functions use.

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